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100 Websites & Apps To Make MONEY For FREE At Home Online

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Hey everyone so today i have a huge video for you because i am going to be revealing a hundred different website and apps that you can use to make money online at home for free yes that's right now i know a bunch of you will have heard the saying that in life nothing is free but you know what they're saying it's wrong because in Life there are two things that you can get that are 100 free the first thing is my eternal gratitude for taking a moment to give this video a like and to subscribe because seriously every time you do it it genuinely supports me so thank you so much for everyone that takes a moment to do so but the second thing that you're probably much more interested in getting for free Is money and so that's why today i have compiled this list of a hundred different website and apps that you can use to earn money online at home or on your phone that have no hidden startup costs investment costs or fees and yes before you ask many of these websites and apps are working in countries around the world not just in the USA now because of the fact that we have so many websites and Apps to get through on this list don't worry I'm not going to be doing a big tutorial for each website or app instead I'm going to show you what each one is and then explain how people like you and i are using it to earn money online absolutely 100 for free and i highly recommend you watch through the entire video because as you'll see there are a huge variety of ways that People are using these websites and apps to earn money and so even if one website or app on this list doesn't interest you chances are another one will for example for some people i know that a website like coupon chief is exactly what you're looking for registration is free and once you're registered you can submit a coupon to their website if you're the first person to register a Coupon you'll get two percent of each sale when somebody uses your coupon and you can get up to 25 per month per coupon and it's visited by millions of people every year and so people do use the coupon submitted on the site to buy things online one user on reddit mentioned that they earn up to 140 a month passively offer the coupons that they've previously submitted for some people watching out there Earning a hundred and forty dollars a month inside income for submitting coupons is exactly the sort of hustle that they're looking for but for others they'd much prefer a website like text broker this is the website where companies like ebay and staples hire writers to write articles for their website and guess what text broker allows users from many countries around the world to register and Potentially earn a full-time income for writing these articles you take a writing test and depending on how good a writer you are you can earn up to 5 cents a word per article which would mean you'd earn 25 for a 500 word article or a website like one class that pays you 470 dollars to submit your study notes for college classes that you're already taking and already have to take notes For anyway and then if you're after a full-time income gig you might be more interested in this merch by amazon this is a fun crave side gig that's available to over 100 countries worldwide it earns many people a full-time income of thousands of dollars every month by creating and selling merch like t-shirts hoodies phone cases and even phone pop sockets and yes it is 100 free to make and sell these so here's how it works once you register for amazon's merch program and are accepted you then come in and select which the merchandise products you'd like to make your own version of and upload either a picture or a slogan that you've created and as you saw me do there once you've done that you can then come in and modify the product that you've Chosen to sell so i went in and chose which color t-shirts i thought my slogan looked best on and set a product price for it the higher the product price the higher the commission you earn and then after that like i've done here you create a product page for it which is super simple you just need to give your merch a title two descriptive bullet points and a short description and that's it Amazon will create a product page listing for it which amazon's customers will be able to find when they're browsing through the website looking for shirts and gifts and when someone comes in and buys one of the t-shirts that you've created amazon will print your design onto a t-shirt in one of their merchandise factories package it up and ship it out to the customer in the industry we call this Print on demand website since shirts are printed on demand as customers buy them for example this is a simple word slogan t-shirt design that was uploaded to the merch by amazon website and app and it's selling great the amazon sales estimated tool jungle scout estimates that this shirt made around 1 359 sales in the past month and at its current price of 19.95 the creator is earning a 5.23 commission On each t-shirt so in the past month they've made roughly 6 800 passively just from this one t-shirt slogan that they uploaded and for many people 6 800 us dollars a month would be more than a full-time income so as you can see in this video i am going to be covering a huge range of websites some like merch by amazon require more effort but have the potential to earn You a full-time income and as you'll see for some of the websites on this list they can potentially earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year whereas some other websites and apps on this list require a lot less effort and are just good for a bit of extra side money if that's what you're after such as nevo by defined crowd so you know how if you upload a photo to facebook and it can automatically tag People's faces well that's an example of artificial intelligence companies that build apps like this need humans to train it so that's what nevo does it lets companies like facebook hire people like you or i to do simple ai training tasks like identifying objects or verifying words such as just reddit use it here they speak german and they picked up a gig on there where They'd listen to a german word and see what translation the ai gave it and rate it as accurate or not they did this for six hours while watching youtube videos in the background and they got paid 180 us dollars for it which means that they were kind of paid 30 us dollars an hour for just watching youtube videos userlytics is another website that pays you for completing simple tasks big companies like microsoft need to Test their websites to ensure that they're easy to use so they hire testers through userlytics to complete simple tasks such as locating an about us page on their website and then provide feedback on whether it was easy to find the about us page or not they pay between five dollars and twenty dollars per test it's often a good idea to sign up to multiple of these websites because they match them to users based On their demographics such as your age so you can't just indefinitely complete tasks you can only complete tasks that are assigned and matched to you so the more websites you sign up to the more tests that you'll be given each month usability hub is another website that offers usability tests like this and so is this free website here loop 11 and user brain is another free website You can sign up to that specializes in short 5 to 15 minute tests but out of all of these types of websites probably the most popular of them all is user testing as they pay ten dollars per test which on average takes 20 minutes so as you can see you can easily do multiple per hour when i registered for the site the first task i was given was To try to locate the opening hours on a museum's website and give feedback on whether it was difficult to find or not it was actually kind of interesting and i enjoyed doing it i checked on reddit and saw many people on there using this to earn hundreds even thousands of dollars inside money each year from usertesting.com alone but what if you at home are sitting there thinking well sarah i don't want side money like this No i want full-time income money well my friends this very website that you are on right now youtube can be a great source of money obviously there are lots of ways to make money from youtube one way is through making videos and then earning money through adsense as you can see i've made thousands of dollars this month just from adsense on my videos but to be able to make money from Adsense you need to have at least a thousand subscribers which is super annoying when you're first getting started so another way that you can make money from youtube is by combining it with websites like share sale share sale is a huge directory that contains lots of affiliate programs affiliates from share style made over one billion dollars last year in commissions so Let me show you how an affiliate program works and how i use them to make free money every day from youtube so this video here contains a tutorial on how to use one of my favorite apps called playset to create t-shirt designs well in that video description there is a link to place it this link is an affiliate link if you look at the full url you'll see that there is a tracking code in it the tracking code tracks whether people Click on the link and purchase a subscription and when people do do that i get a commission on the sale as a thank you for referring them and so as you can see i've made 6486 new zealand dollars which is around 4 700 us dollars in the past 30 days for people clicking on my playset links and my youtube videos after watching a tutorial on how to use It for me people this would be a full-time income alone and the wonderful thing is you can create video tutorials for apps i play set and link to them with affiliate links whether you have a thousand subscribers or zero subscribers so share a sale is one website to find these affiliate offers to promote but you can also check out cg affiliate which actually paid out 1.8 billion dollars in commissions last Year with big brands you can promote and its affiliate network such as barnes and noble and you can also check out this free affiliate website and network peer fly for additional products and services to promote and make money with but you see here is the thing making videos and putting them up online that is not the only way to make money From online videos nope see here's a deal right on all my videos you'll see that you can turn on english captions and read along with the video well while youtube does automatically create captions it's not great at figuring out my new zealand accent so i pay a human to do it manually for me and so you know where this is going right yep you can make money online For free by transcribing videos like mine rev.com is the best and the highest paying overall if you head on over to reddit you'll see that several people use rev.com to earn hundreds of dollars each week working whenever it suits them for people like this that need simple flexible data entry work that they can do from home and don't need to make millions of dollars rev has been perfect for them Moussemash's comment was particularly powerful for me to read he was traveling and ran out of money rev was able to provide him with the extra money he needed to get home you do need to register for rev though and so if you don't get accepted in addition you can also register for this free transcribing good website here go transcript and if you're really serious about transcribing you Can apply to gmr transcription they make you do a big test to determine if you're good enough but if you're willing to take it and you pass then they do offer some of the highest rates in the industry which is why people earn a thousand to three thousand dollars a month on average here all right then so the next websites and apps on our list are pretty cool did you know that people are earning Money for free just by driving their cars like they usually would yep there are apps out there that track guest prices that way their users can find the best price gas possible and one way that they track gas prices is by encouraging people to scan their guest receipts by rewarding them with cash so if you're out there already buying gas anyway these are a no-brainer guest buddy is an app that offers this and You can also do this with get upside and there's something else that you can also scan with get upside and that is grocery receipts yep you can earn money online for free just by scanning your grocery receipts it's the same deal these apps collect data on grocery prices and your receipts help them collect that data so that they can track prices and attract users to the app that want to Find out where is the best place to buy groceries ibotta is a receipt scanning app based in the usa same with this one here receipt hog and this one here checkout 51 and this app here quidco which is great if you live in the uk and shopkick is another grocery scanning app available in multiple countries worldwide although this one also has an extra way To beat money you can also scan product barcodes in the store which again the company uses to collect pricing data for grocery items to their store which they then go on and sell to their store's competitors and reward you as an incentive to keep providing them with that data to sell so back to that hustle that i was talking about earlier in this video print on demand This website here redbubble is one that my longtime subscribers will definitely recognize print on demand is the main hustle i teach on this channel and redbubble is one of the best free websites to get started with it's very popular with 30 to 40 million visitors a month coming and looking for products to buy and it works for many countries worldwide as long as you have a paypal Account and the way the redbubble works is very similar to merch by amazon just like with amazon you just upload either a picture or a slogan that you create on redbubble some of the most popular products contain simple text-based designs such as this one here you then give your product a title keywords and a description and you choose which products you'd like to sell Your design onto and place the image on the product where you'd like to be printed and once you've chosen which merch you'd like to sell your design onto and placed it where you want it printed you save it the entire process is free there are no fees and no cost redbub will then save a copy of your product and its database and create a product page for it redbubble is very popular and every year they sell Hundreds of millions of dollars in merch on behalf of users like you and i uploading our designs each time a customer buys one of your items you receive a cash commission merged by amazon requires that you submit an application to sell on your platform but redbubble does not and so it's been very popular with my viewers because anyone can register and start selling products online to make extra Money which for some of my subscribers has happened as fast as their first day on the website which is pretty cool you can also earn extra money by uploading to other similar print or demand marketplace some websites like redbubble such as the site here zazzle which gets roughly 15 to 20 million visitors a month and spreadshirt which gets roughly two To four million visitors a month in cafe press which gets roughly two to four million visitors a month as well and threadless which gets between 1.5 to 2.5 million visitors a month and t public which gets between 7 to 10 million visitors a month and so while these print onto our marketplaces are smaller together they add up to more traffic than redbubble and so if you want to maximize how much money you earn from these Websites upload to as many as you can you can also start your own print on demand store on this website here etsy usually it costs money to start a store on etsy but i actually have a free tutorial video on my channel which i'll link to in the video description below which teaches how to open and start a store for free it's definitely a lot more complex to set one up on etsy compared to redbubble but unlike redbubble which gets 30 to 40 Million visitors a month etsy gets hundreds of millions of visitors a month because of this while my viewers that start a successful redbubble store earn hundreds of dollars a month my viewers that start a successful store on etsy earn thousands of dollars a month as an a full-time income because the market is bigger and thus there is more sales and by the way if you're watching this Video and you'd like to learn even more about setting up a print-on-demand business you should be sure to download my free e-book the six steps that six figure online stores follow to make over ten thousand dollars a month and you'll find a link to download my free ebook in the video description below but anyway back to the video and on to the next free money making website And that is respondent this is a website where you can answer surveys submitted by businesses for product research they match you with surveys eligible to your demographic they're usually around 30 minutes in length i checked on reddit in some months people earn hundreds of dollars when they qualify for surveys but again since surveys are matched to your demographics some months you won't be eligible for surveys but the payouts When you are eligible are really good so the general advice is just to keep checking back every day to see if any survey pops up that you're eligible for another similar website is prolific this one also pays well except instead of specializing in surveys for companies they specialize in surveys for academic studies and testable minds where you participate in surveys to aid behavioural and psychology academic studies And if participating in academic studies doesn't interest you then google opinion reward is another free survey website except unlike respondent which have 30 minute surveys these are quick one to five minute surveys the payouts are definitely lower as a result but for what people in the app reviews were saying they would use this app when they had spare free time So instead of playing silly phone games on the train they'd instead open up google opinion rewards and complete some quick surveys in exchange for some cash and when you run out of eligible surveys to complete on google opinion reward you can open up another quick survey site such as citizen me and answer surveys that you qualify for on here and then open up this free site here prize rebel And complete your eligible surveys for the day and you can also check your eligible surveys for the day on quick thoughts too so you've got lots of options to earn extra dollars while you're standing in line waiting at the grocery store but if you are looking to earn some more serious cash by selling an online business kindle is another fantastic option you can write ebooks and then upload them to Kindle every time someone downloads your ebook and reads it you earn a commission so once you've got a popular kindle ebook it's passive income you can also earn additional money from this hustle by selling it on other ebook websites the second most popular one is apple ibooks and the third most popular one is barnes and nobles and google plan is the fourth most Popular marketplace except for in canada and new zealand where kobo is super popular so you can upload and sell your ebook on all these sites to make additional money but you know what why not make even more money from your ebook by turning it into an audio book and selling it for free on audible you can choose to exclusively say your audiobook on audible and earn 40 commissions per download or You can opt to not exclusively sell it on audible and earn 25 commissions so that you can then also sell it on itunes and sell it on audiobooks.com too but you see here is the thing right we are at the midway point for our list of websites and apps and you know what if you haven't noticed already this is a long video and trying to hold people's Attention through a long video is extremely challenging so you know what guys it is time to spice things up yep we're going to keep things interesting by getting a little bit controversial with our next website on the list essay pro yep this is actually one of the most lucrative ways to earn money online by writing now there are perfectly legitimate reasons why people pay for essays it's Often done to aid in studying but it's also done to aid in something else cheating and you never know what your customer is going to use your essay for there was an interesting article in the half post where an ex-essay writer discussed the gig they said the pay was great and they had as much work as they wanted while being flexible so you know if you don't mind that your Essay that you write can be used both good and bad this gig might be for you essay service is another free website that's always on the lookout for new writers and so this website here essay shark and this free website here edgy birdie of course if you enjoy writing but would understandably not want to deal in the essay writing industry then there are some free Websites out there that you can use to earn money too you can register for bka writing it works just like text broker the website that i discussed at the start of the video people purchase articles on here and then bka opens it up to the writers to write articles as one-off gigs so you don't have to hustle for clients and jobs generally their writers earn between Eight to fourteen dollars an hour depending on how fast they type a lot of college students pick this up as a nice work from home gig same with verbolo it's great for writers that just want reliable article writing and don't want to have to advertise their services you just come on here select a writing gig and complete it and if you specialize in copywriting then be sure to check out scripted This works just like the other websites you can select different writing jobs and complete them but because it specializes in copywriting the payouts are much higher on average it pays 10 cents a word which means for 500 words you get paid 50 us dollars of course chances are if you enjoy writing then you probably enjoy reading books too and if you do there is another free way to make money online And that is by reviewing books yes while this may not be the fastest way to earn money if you enjoy reading books then why not earn a little bit of extra cash and submit a review online book club is a free website that gives you a book for free and then you also get paid to review it they also do regular amazon gift voucher giveaways for members and if you'd like to earn more cash per review instead of more amazon vouchers Chica kirkus here people pay to have their books reviewed and kirkus hires reviewers to give their books an honest review but if like me you have a specific genre that you are interested in reading that being true crime then perhaps the next websites would be a fun way to earn a bit of extra money online by being what is called an e-juror you see lawyers when preparing cases like to test their case against a mock jury To see how compelling it is before they actually go to trial so a lot of lawyers hire mock jurors online to read over their evidence and arguments and give them their verdict guilty or not guilty these are real court cases going to an actual trial someday so if you're interested in true crime it doesn't get much better than this online verdict is a website that offers This it's 100 free no fees to join you spend 20 to 60 minutes reading over trial evidence and then give you a verdict on which side you agree with the defense or prosecution you earn 20 to 60 depending on how long the case is if you're into true crime this is actually quite fun and interesting but because you're matched based on your demographic you have to wait until a case comes up that you're eligible for Which is why it is a good idea to sign up to multiple sites that offer this such as this free website here jury test and this website here aj and this website sign up direct which is quite popular is they actually pay up to a hundred dollars for some of their bigger cases but what if you don't enjoy reading what if you do enough thinking in your day job that when you come home you just want to sit there and complete Some simple easy tasks in exchange for a bit of extra cash on the side then my friends why not check out this free website here swagbucks on here you can do simple tasks like completing surveys using your search engine instead of google and even watching videos which you can do in the background and don't even have to actively watch them when you do you earn swagbuck points Which you can then convert into paypal cash i checked it out on reddit and found several threads like these where swagbuck users discussed how much money they make in a month or a year this particular thread asked how much money people made in 2020 and a lot of people were earning an extra one thousand dollars two thousand dollars with One person earning an extra five thousand dollars last year but because swagbuck also matches you with tasks based on your demographic it means that you can't just sit there on swagbucks watching videos indefinitely and so if you want to maximize the amount of money that you earn with this method most people who make money this way will register with similar websites even if they're smaller and have less daily Tasks gain gg is a popular one that i see people on reddit using a lot to make money on the side and gg2u.org is another free similar website and gabor mine is another popular one too one clever tip i saw a lot of people say is they choose to watch video tasks from these sites and just leave them on the background with the sound off on their computer while They do things like cook dinner or have a shower or watch whatever they want to watch on tv instead but of course if you're senior and you're a qualified expert then while you leave these videos on in the background silently why not use that extra time to also earn a full-time income too and one way that you can do that is with this free website here just answer this can genuinely replace a full-time Job you register and apply to be an expert on a subject people can book calls with you to ask you questions on average people earn between two thousand dollars to seven thousand dollars a month on here you can also increase the number of calls you get by registering for similar websites such as this free website here clarity and this free app here call me for but what if you are more Academic rather than being a professional expert in your subject then online tutoring could be great for you there are several websites where you can sign up to make money online as a tutor for example if you register for school solver and are selected as a tutor you can be paid to answer questions that students have or you can sign up for tutor.com and if accepted will be a tutor for the website And be matched with students who need tutoring and your chosen subject no marketing of your services required same with this tutoring website here aim4a and you can also check out cambly cambly doesn't match you but instead you choose to match with students students are constantly signing on to cambly and each time they request a tutor if you're online you get the opportunity to take them on as a client first in first serve no marketing of Your services required you're paid per minute only between ten dollars to twelve dollars an hour but sarah i can hear you say what if i don't have a degree to become a tutor because i'm still a college student well then why don't you instead just get paid to go to college instead that's right you can be paid to go to college and take notes i've already mentioned one class as a website that lets you do this but That's not the only website that pays you for your class notes nope study suit pays you up to 500 for each class you take notes for considering you have to go to classes anyway and have to take notes getting paid 500 to do so that's a no-brainer or if you'd rather get a commission cut on the sale rather than one of payment you could instead list your class notes you've made here in nexus notes which is The most popular marketplace for buying and selling notes on here you earn a 50 commission you could also opt to sell them on oxford notes which while smaller has a much higher 72 commission per sale and if you don't have notes but have some other type of study materials that you've prepared for yourself such as flash cards or book summaries you could instead sell them on here Stevia but what if you don't have a degree and don't want to have to teach anything and would much prefer just to complete some simple data entry style tasks in exchange for some side cash well then my friends these free websites coming up are for you amazon mechanical turk is a site that pays you to complete basic tasks such as tagging objects and photos and Verifying addresses and phone numbers on websites from what i saw from m turkish on reddit the more you do it the more you get offered higher paid tasks most people agreed it's perfect for the sort of person that likes to be doing something with their hands while they're binging netflix it lets you watch tv while also making an extra 20 to 50 dollars a day and of course part of the way of Maximizing your earnings with this method is to over time become more choosy with tasks to complete and so that's why a lot of people sign up for similar websites so that they can cherry pick tasks from all of them such as this website here click worker in this website here job boy and the site here micro workers but here's the thing when you register for These websites you're registering for fast efficient convenience they have small tasks you can perform already to go you just log in and complete them because there is no marketing of your services and you don't have to hustle for clients these websites have small payout rates because they're taking a bid cut for doing that part for you however if you are willing to set up your own gig Online offering services and market that independently then you could instead look to list your services on a good website such as fiverr which lets you create gigs for free and if suitable you can also list your services as gigs on this website here seo clerks which specializes in selling gigs related to search engine optimization or you can list your services as gigs on Jungle scout market which specialises in selling gigs directly related to improving people's amazon fba businesses or you can flip it around where instead of you listing gigs on marketplaces that people purchase from you that customers instead list gigs that they want completed that you then just come in and do for them which is what people per hour lets you do and also this free website here taskrabbit which has a section on the Website where people can list digital tasks that they need completed which you can offer to do for them or if you are especially talented you can register for toptoe a site that instead matches jobs with freelancers you do need to be in the top 3 of your industry but if you are it is a fast efficient easy free way to find well-paid gigs and projects from major companies like shopify And if your industry is web development then there's actually another website dedicated just for you to make money online like this lemon.io once accepted they will match developer gigs and projects to you without you having to market yourself and speaking of done for you ways to make money online did you know that there are websites and apps out there that will sell and ship Your second-hand clothing for you all for free with no upfront costs or fees just a commission cut on the sale because there are poshmark is one of those apps poshmark will send you a shipping bag you then put your clothes that you want to sell into the bag and send it back to them they will list them for sale in their store and when they're bought we'll ship them to the customer And pay you a commission all hands off thread up is another free website that offers us with their cleanout kit where you clean out your closet or clothes you don't want to wear anymore and ship them into them or if you have secondhand luxury clothing and accessories you can then list them for sale on this website here and when a customer buys them what they'll Instead do is send you a shipping label so that you can send them direct to the customer or of course you can always just list them for yourself on ebay if you do need some fast money you can list items from around your home for sale as all members get free ebay item listings each month in america i believe you get 50 free listings each month or you could Instead opt to sell them on craigslist which actually is also a really great place to find cheap secondhand clothing to flip and sell and so that's what a lot of people have done they've built businesses by getting money and startup capital by using these free websites to sell their clothing that they no longer wear to then reinvest that money into buying cheap second-hand clothing from thrift Stores and craigslist to flip for a nice profit but of course for those of you out there that are disinterested in clothes we're gonna go back to listing free websites that pay you to type words at your computer translation websites yep if you speak two or more languages you can always make money on the side at home translating content online translate.com is nice because You don't have to list and market your services people come in list the content they want translated and translators select it on a first-come first-served basis no having a bid for work or advertise your service to get clients tears is the same this is a website where mobile app developers can get their in-app text translated just like translate.com once you're Accepted you can select jobs when it's convenient for you and complete them one hour translator is another similar free website on average the starting pay is 12 us dollars for a one-hour project and that increases as you gain experience of course if you instead prefer a guaranteed rate you can register and apply to join the waitlist work for unbabel which guarantees at least eight us dollars an hour Or if you prefer to be paid for each word you translate text master is accepting applications right now and it pays up to 15 cents per word so if you translated 100 words that'd be 15 nice now remember when i said that this video was a long video yeah i wasn't kidding so to reward you for making it this far in the video let me show you some extremely cute video clips of dogs and puppies Yep did you know that you could be making money online for free just by reposting cute photos and videos of dogs it's true see here's the thing right instagram it's not just a place to post pictures of food no it's a place to make money see here is a fun instagram page that somebody built from scratch for free just by reposting cute funny pictures of dogs and videos and doing it Consistently and over time people have naturally found this page and started following it through hashtags and now it makes money because of websites like this shout card this is a website that lets you list your instagram page that you build by reposting cute and funny pictures and then selling shout outs on it so that instagram page it's got a listing On here it's set up for free no upfront costs or fees it's selling a 24 hour shout out with a link in the bio for ninety dollars well if we go back to the page and check it out what do we see somebody has bought a 24 hour shout out with a link in the bio to this dog water bottle but they're selling well one shout out a day over a week is six hundred dollars pretty good if i do say so myself just For reposting fun dog videos and pictures and you can make additional money by reaching more potential customers by listing yourself one similar marketplace here shoutify in this marketplace here shout out experts and if you're willing to do multiple shout outs as part of a bigger brand deal then this website here popular pays is free to list your instagram accounts on So that you can snag lucrative page sponsorships guys this video i will admit took so much time and effort to make and so if you enjoyed this video and you learned something new from it then i'd really appreciate if you gave this video a like and you subscribe to get more free videos about making money online and if you would like to learn more about how i make money online you should be sure to watch my video Five income sources i built in my 20s that makes me over a thousand dollars a day so go ahead watch my next video and i'll see you over there

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