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6 Best Sites to Check Free Website SEO Score and Review

Best Sites to Check Free Website SEO Score

Many webmasters don’t know what mistakes they have done in website or what changes they want to do in website to make it more SEO friendly. 

Today I have collected some of the best sites which can tell you your website SEO score. 

So lets read the below whole post to know which one provide the best free website review or SEO Score report of your site without paying anything.

1. WooRank.com – Website Review – SEO Tool

WooRank.com – Website Review – SEO Tool

WooRank is the best free website review SEO tool which gives you the free SEO Score of your site, you can check your website review by typing your website URL in the given field. 

WooRank allow you to check single website review in a day. WooRank will show you your website Visitors, Local, Social, Mobile, SEO, Usability, Technologies in-depth report. 

It will give your site score from 0/100 grade.

2. Seoptimer – Website Review and free SEO audit tool

Seoptimer - Website SEO Report

Another great SEO tool who review and SEO audit your site, give important information and things you should improve to your website.
Such as:
  • Improve the title of your website
  • Reduce or optimize your meta keywords
  • Optimize your HTML for H1 and H2 headers
  • Check all images for ALT attribute
  • Distinguish your keywords with strong and bold
You can also get Free PDF Report which you can download in your device so that you can check back later and fix those issue one by one into your site.

3. iwebchk – Web Analysis and Website Review SEO Tools

iwebchk - Website SEO Report

Like WooRank SEO socore in percentage grade iwebchk gives also the report in percentage overall which include social, back-links, visitors, accessibility, SEO content, technology, validity, usability, SEO-Authority, security, performance report in free.

You can check as many sites as you can. iwebchk is also a good alternative to WooRank.com.

4. SeoSiteCheckup.com – Free website SEO analysis tool

seositecheckup - Website SEO Report

With SeoSiteCheckup.com you can check factor type report, if you don’t want the full report.

It will give you the reports such as:
  • Meta Tags Analyzer
  • Most Common Keywords Test
  • h1 and h2 Tag Test
  • Code To Text Ratio
  • Broken Links Test
  • URL SEO Friendly Test
  • Google Page-rank Test
  • Alexa Page Rank Test
  • Image Alt Test
  • Inline CSS Test
  • Google Preview
  • Keywords Cloud
  • HTML Page Size Test
  • Page Cache Test
  • Image Expires Tag Test
  • Site Loading Speed Test
  • and so on..

5. WebSEOAnalytics.com – Free Web SEO Analytics

webseoanalytics - Website SEO Report

WebSEOAnalytics.com another SEO analytic free tool which show Web SEO Analysis, History and Personalize Report.

This SEO tool produces a full report for a particular page or site, and the analysis of the most important factors of SEO that are used by the major search engines, and provides a detailed diagnosis with all the errors and warnings that were found during the analysis.

The report is divided SEO Web analysis in 5 key sectors: private area, the traffic, the page, the link structure and the diagnosis.

6. Quicksprout.com – Another Free Site Analyser Tool

Quicksprout - Website SEO Report

This free tool made by Neil Patel a Seattle based entrepreneur, angel investor, and analytics expert he is also a co-founder of the analytics companies KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg.

With this free tool you can even Compare Up to 3 Competitors sites.

Features of Quicksprout Site Analyser Tool

  • Website Analyzer
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Speed Score
  • Seo Score
  • Seo Recommendations
  • Speed Recommendations
  • Screenshots Of Your Of Desktop , Tablet, Phone
  • and so on…
Hope these above given sites helps you to check your free website review, let us know in the below comments which site you recommend to check the site SEO Score.
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