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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

make money online tips and trick

best URL Shortener Websites to Make Money online

best url shortener websites to make money online

In this article, I am going to talk to you about Best URL Shortener Websites To Make Money Online.

URL Shortener is one of the best and easiest way to Earn Money Online 2019.

What Is Url Shortener?

Ever heard of it? URL, as we all know is the link address of a particular web page.

The whole idea behind URL shortening is to reduce the length of the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) link address and at the same time ensuring that the destination is still reachable.

We often see redirection in practice on the World Wide Web.

These technique work in a same way.

The new smaller domain name is redirected to the original long URL.

What is link shortener sites?

Link Shortener is a site or application that transforms long Links into short ones.

The short form redirects you to the all-inclusive rendition. Utilizing a Link shortener is simple.

Why shorten url links?

This is done to facilitate URL posting on social networking sites like twitter that otherwise restrict the number of characters allowed in a post thus preventing users from unnecessary and irrelevant scams.

A shortened URL can now be easily mentioned in a tweet.

You can also know the number of clicks and the number of visitors who entered and click the link.

The shortening technique can be wisely used to earn money.

How to shorten url links?

To successfully shorten a URL all you need to do is to select a website that provides this service.

Once found you needed to sign up with website authorities.

After logging in you just need to paste the URL you intend to shorten and click on generate.

Once the shortened version is generated, copy it and share it on social networking sites, social imaging sites, and download and torrent websites.

Whosoever clicks on these shortened links, gets redirected to the large URL but meanwhile gets to see some advertisement with a skip options.

But before he skips the advertisement it’s too late as you are already getting paid when the link was first clicked.

The amount is debited in your account by the website companies that provide the shortening services.

You can get anywhere around 3-10 USD per 1000 clicks depending on the website offering the service.

There is a number of  best URL Shortener Websites that offer URL shortening. A few of them are:

1. - Best URL Shortener - Best URL Shortener is the most seasoned and a standout amongst the most believed URL Shortener Service for making cash by shrinking your links.

The URl Shortener gives you a chance to gain up to $5 per 1000 perspectives.

It offers an extensive detailing framework for following the execution of your each shortened URL.

The base payout is kept lowed, and it's $5.

It pays on tenth every month.

You can get your profit by PayPal, Payza, or AlertPay. likewise runs a referral programs wherein you can win a level 20% commission for every referral for a lifetime.

Register now for free
Payment Method: Paypal or Payoneer
Minimum Payout: $5
Rate of Referral Earning: 20% Commission on Referrals for Lifetime
Alexa Rank (Global): 92

2. ClicksFly

 ClicksFly is the Highest Paying URL Shortener

What is ClicksFly?

ClicksFly is the Highest Paying URL Shortener & completely free of charge tool where you can create shorted links, which apart from being free, you get paid! So, now you'll make money from home, when managing and protecting your links.

start making money with ClicksFly? It's simply three steps: create an account, create a link and post it - for each visit, you earn cash. It's just that easy!

Low Minimum Payout
You are needed to earn only $3.00 before you will be paid.
You can get your money via PayPal, PayTM, Bitcoin & many more.

Register now for free
Multiple Withdrawal Option: Paypal, Bitcoin, Paytm, Mobicash, Payeer, etc.
Weekly, Monthly pay
High CPM rates from $3 to $15
×5 Ips Count within a day
Rate of Referral Earning: 20% Commission
24×7 Live Chat Support


LinkBucks is that the uniform resource Shortener agent website that pay quite $1.2 USD.

It's another legal and sure uniform resource Shortener agent website and is that the darling contestant of

Linkbucks pays $0.5 to $7 per one thousand views(rate could dissent from country to country), Minimum quantity to withdrawal is $5.00.

After you reach that, you'll method your payment area unit sent out instantly.

Linkbucks can pay you 10 percent of their earning for a period.

additionally, to it, you furthermore may get 5% of the earnings from the member that you just referrals send out Finally, you’ll additionally earn 1% of the earns from each member that those individuals send out likewise.

It's best and additionally you'll be able to advertise with Linkbucks.

Register currently for new Account.
Payment Method: Paypal
Minimum Payout: $5
Rate of Referral Earning: 10 percent Commission for period.
Alexa Rank (Global) : 3,166

4. Shortzon


Shortzon is one amongst the best URL Shortener Service supplier in 2018 and is thought mutually of the foremost trustworthy URL Shortener Company.

Shortzon offers one amongst the best payout rates and you'll be able to expect to earn up to $120 per ten thousand views.

Some countries, will go up to $14 per CPM.
The minimum payout is $3.00, and the payment is formed through Paypal, Paytm, UPI, bKash(for Bangladeshi Users), Skrill, etc on daily basis.

They additionally provide 24×7 live chat support.

The Shortzon referral program could be a good way to unfold the word of this nice service and to earn even more cash along with your short links! Refer friends and receive 20% of their earnings for life!

Register currently go without charge.
Ad Formats: Clean Banner Ads
Minimum Payout: $3
Payment Options: Paypal, Paytm, UPI, bKash(Bangladesh User), Skrill, etc.
Payment Time: twenty-five
Referral: 20%
CPM: Upto $14 (Minimum $4)

11. LinkShrink

And you can see 10 Highest Paying URL Shortener to earn Money Online 2018.

Each website has its own policies of mode of payments.

Most common being a Paypal account.

The payment timings are usually during first week of the month.

Some of them even have a minimum requirement before the actual payment starts which needs to be fulfilled first.

Again there are dos and don't.

Do read the FAQs before posting and sharing.

Some links are categorized as spams and hence banned.

Domain names for just 88 cents!