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How to rank higher on google 6 quick tips

How to rank higher on google 6 quick tips

6 precious tips to help you get better results at how to rank higher on google.

When you make a new website, it is important to bring traffic to the site to expand your business and get leads.

There are millions of sites on the Internet, but most of them do not know how to make new sites popular and brought a lot of visitors to their sites.

Here are some steps to rank higher on google that if followed will surely bring a lot of traffic and also the return of visitors to your website.

Points to Be Noted to Rank New Website.

  • Domain Name - Always choose short good domain name to rank new website easily, make sure people can spell it easily.
  • Exact match domain names - Try to get exact match domain names so that you can rank fast in your Niche, such as if your niche is health try to add health keyword in your domain name.
  • Choose Good Web Hosting Company - No matter how cheap the web hosting prices are, be sure you check reviews on others sites such as hostgator web hosting.
  • Submit Site to Search Engines: After creating 10-15 quality contents on my niche site, first I submit my niche site to Google & Bing.
  • Creating Sitemap and Submit to Search Engines: Sitemap is one of the most important thing in website to tell search engine what you are posting on your site and what you are offering to your readers, so create a XML sitemap of your newly creating website than add it to Google and Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • Google Tools. Use PageSpeed Insights to evaluate your website and find recommendations for improvement to improve your website, and Make the Web Faster for additional tools and information this free tool will help you to improve your website.

Here are 6 tips to getting your website to the top of google.

1. Website Must have Good Layout and Design

Good Layout Design to improve google search results

The first step in while the building site on the Internet is that it should be balanced with good planning, the right color combination.

The site should be easily readable with easy navigation.

People refuse and document sites that look ugly and unattractive.

Fonts used must be simple and appropriate size.

We can take the example of Google as the most popular site is very simple yet so famous and popular.

It also should not be cluttered site with empty spaces around.

You should also focus on the site design being responsive this will help visitors login to your site from any browser or through any device like smartphones and tablets.

2. PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising to improve google search results

PPC Advertising to improve google search results

Google AdWords program is the most popular choice if you want to bring traffic paid.

PPC (pay-per- click advertising) can bring a lot of traffic if you plan your advertising campaigns correctly.

Agreed, you will have to spend a little, but there are options in the Google AdSense program to reduce the amount you spend per day according to your budget.

Ads must be attractive with good words and selected and demographically targeted to get better results.

This can bring you traffic as the initial SEO takes time, sometimes months to make the traffic.

3. Quality Content

Quality Content to improve google search results

This is the most important factor if you want traffic through search engines like Google.

There are a lot of sites about the existence of a lot of pages, but not occupies a higher rank in the search operations.

This is because search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing put more emphasis on quality and not quantity.

Thus, the content on all pages must be original and unique.

Should not be copied from other sites.

Search engines may penalize your site it contents has been copy from other sites.

More emphasis is to be placed on the title tag and label head as well.

4. SEO

seo to improve your Google search rank
Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of making your website rank higher for keywords selected by a set of rules that will be implemented.

SEO or search engine optimization leads to more organic movement through the various search engines.

Because most of the traffic gets a website through SEO, this is the most important thing for a new site to become popular and get traffic.

There are two things that are in the south-east of Europe to consider:
  • On page Optimization: Things like your mark title, brand H1, and the use of keywords selected and appropriate to be followed.
  • Off-page Optimization: This means that, should you have a lot of incoming links from good ranking and similar sites category.
SEO is a very broad topic and there are many things to do every day page and off-page optimization.

If you can not deal with the SEO yourself, you are advised to obtain the services of a professional SEO experts.

They review the entire site and recommend changes that need to be done and do publish links with help of their team.

5. Promoting Your Website in Social Media to rank better in Google.

Promoting Your Website in Social Media

Now, you will have to deploy your website through social networking sites such as FacebookTwitter, Google, etc.

Also put links to these social sites to your website for people for follow-up.

You can also use other social sites such as Reddit, LinkedInPinterest etc.

Last links of your website in articles, blogs, forums and all the other sites accepting comments.

You can use any RSS or Feed-burner for feeds that will bring the returning visitors.

It also includes sending e-mail to your contacts and e-mail marketing databases.

6. Update Your Site To Improve Your Google Rankings.

Update Your Site To Improve Your Google Ranking

It is important to increase the number of pages and maintain the deployment of new content.

It is also important to edit and make changes to these ongoing issues written on the pages of old.

This is necessary because Google and other search engines give less importance to pages that have become old and stale without changes.

It also is one of the sites that do not increase the number of pages with the passage of time that not updated and degraded.

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