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make money from Sell photos footage clips illustrations & vectors in shutterstock is a global marketplace for buying and selling high quality photos and videos. Shutterstock was launched in 2003 and is headquartered in New York. It has been more than 10 years since this business has had clients all over the world. It currently operates in more than 150 countries and provides digital photo licenses. Their primary goal is to help shareholders and digital buyers communicate with each other and conduct successful transactions. There are two types of accounts on Shutterstock, Customer and Shareholder. Shareholders share the digital media they created and customers buy.

How shutterstock works

Since we'd like to know how to sell photos and videos on Shutterstock to make money online, we'll focus on the shareholder segment. Shutterstock provides a great opportunity for those who create digital content that includes unique photos and videos.

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So if you are good at photography, video editing and posting, this website can make you rich. They clearly state on their website that you can immediately start getting thousands and millions of visitors and start earning money. All you have to do is create great pictures and pictures. There are now three types of content that you can sell on Shutterstock:

Image Sale: You can sell a lot of photos on Shutterstock provided that they are in JPG format and are at least 4.0 MP. So maybe you will need a HD camera for that.

Sale of vectors and illustrations: You can also create and sell vectors and illustrations on this site. You can send up to 15MB EPS files or JPG images with at least 4.0MP.

Selling videos: You can also create and sell videos on this portal. However, the length of the video should range from 5 to 60 seconds. No more, no less.

So you can basically earn a number of ways on this great site depending on your skills. If you are not good at photography but you can create stunning shapes or graphics on Photoshop or other tools, then you are in the right place. If you are good at making short videos, you can earn a lot with Shutterstock.

Types of profits

Shutterstock provides a number of ways you can earn money from your digital content. they:

25-day downloads: Customers have the option to subscribe every month and can download images over 30 days. Each time the image is downloaded, you will receive 25 cents. Now this commission can increase up to 38 cents as you reach more important stages.

On-demand downloads: Subscribers can get an on-demand subscription that allows them to download and use images for up to a year. In this model, you will get $ 1.88 per download. It will increase as you get more visitors and downloads.

Enhanced downloads: Customers can obtain an enhanced downloads license that then allows images to be downloaded for commercial use. In this case, you would get $ 28 per download.

Transferred subscriptions: You can also earn 20% commissions by referring more customers to Shutterstock. To join their affiliate program.

Individual Downloads: If the images are sold as single images without any subscription, you will get 20% of the sale price.

How to get paid

As discussed above, Shutterstock pays very good commissions on sales that are generated by any of the mentioned methods. You can get money in three ways, Paypal, Skrill and Bank Check. The minimum payment for an electronic payment is $ 35 while a check is $ 300. So it depends on you how you want to get paid. Payments are calculated on the first day of each month and are paid after two weeks.

last word

Whether you are a photographer, designer or video editor, this website can be a gift for you. Not only will you start earning a lot of money from your digital content, but also will attract visitors from all over the world to view and admire your photos and videos. So be creative and upload as many photos as possible but make sure there are no compromises on quality because you need to build your reputation as well.

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