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How to Earn Money with YouTube

You have certainly heard some stories about how some of people earning money on YouTube and I thought if you could do it too.

It's really true that some people are earning thousands of dollars in a short time, and you can start making money quickly, especially if you have a broad base of subscribers.

Follow this guide to learn how to make money with the ads that appear in the videos you upload on YouTube. It's simple!

How to Earn Money on YouTube

How to earn money from YouTube:

A lot is not known about the ways to earn money  from the Internet through YouTube, but the system of profit from YouTube works to display ads on your videos, and will receive the financial compensation for the presentation of ads and be the proportion of material equivalent 60% for your benefit and takes up YouTube 40%, We will fully explain the steps to profit from YouTube in this article.

But first you need to know how to create a YouTube channel.

1. Create your channel on YouTube and adjust its settings.

The channel represents your personal presence on YouTube, and each YouTube account has one channel attached to it.

A YouTube account is exactly like a Google account, and a YouTube account will give you access to other Google services like Gmail and Drive.

Create a new account or use your existing account. Add keywords to help visitors search for your channel.

You can add those keywords by going to the Advanced Settings section under Channel Settings.

Make sure the keywords are relevant to the content you're viewing.

Your chosen user name may be a feature or a disadvantage. If your chosen name is short, easy to remember and never used, it's easy for visitors to remember.

Choose your name carefully, and if you're using an existing account, that's fine, we do not recommend having multiple active accounts on YouTube at the same time.

2. Add content to your channel by uploading videos.

Upload high-quality videos at the same time not long, although this option depends on the type of content posted on your channel.

You should also regularly add new content to your channel.

Keep loading content even if you do not like visitors. Repetition brings you to perfection.

Try to make each step better than the previous one, you will learn whenever you go ahead.

Get better content on your channel, either by using a higher-quality camera or trying to use more sophisticated video editing software or technologies.

You can also improve the way things are photographed by using a tripod, getting help from a friend, or improving the lighting of the viewer.

All of the above will help you get a better end product that will help you attract more followers to your channel.

You can get regular views by periodically uploading videos to your channel.

Visitors are more likely to subscribe to your channel if you regularly add content and stick to a fixed schedule as much as you can.

Be sure to flag your videos with key keywords related to the content, as well as write a description that attracts attention.

This will help you attract more visitors through searches.

3. Attract a large number of followers.

The first and main step to monetizing videos is to increase the number of followers on your channel.

You need visitors to watch videos to earn money through ads.

There's no secret to getting more subscribers, just add the best content you can and they'll automatically visit the channel.

Keep uploading and try to drive visitors to this content. Share videos with others via Facebook and Twitter and publish it to other platforms on the Internet.

More subscribers will make it easier for you to upgrade your channel until you become a partner.

Interact with viewers by responding to comments and making videos that sometimes relate to visitors' comments and questions, communicating with the community of visitors will bring you more subscribers.

4. Start monetizing your videos.

You must enable the "monetization" option, which means allowing YouTube to show ads on your videos.

This also means your acknowledgment that you are the original owner of the rights to this video and that you have not used any of the material whose literary rights belong to other parties.

Go to and click "My Channel" from the homepage.

Click the link labeled "Video Manager" visible in the top bar.

Click on the channel and then the "monetization" option.

5. Meet the requirements to activate the "monetization" option.

You must have generated 4,000 views during the previous 12 months and you have 1000 subscribers to start earning money.

You can add ads to your video once it's loaded, click on the Monetization tab and select the "Monetization by adding ads" box.

To earn money after uploading your video to your channel, go to the "Manage your video" page and click the "$" next to the video you want to add ads to. Select the "monetize with Ads" box.

6. Create a Google AdSense account.

You can create a Google Adsense account for free through the Google Adsense website. Click the "Sign up now" button to begin creating your account.

You must be 18 years of age or older to create your own account. If you are younger, you will need help from an adult.

You will need a PayPal enabled account, a bank account, a valid email and some other data so you can activate your AdSense account and receive money through it. You can only earn money by clicking on ads and there's also little profit for watching the ad, but the money increases with time.

7. Promote your videos online. 

Not only should you post videos on YouTube, you can also create a blog or website and publish them through them or through social media sites.

The more views you get, the better. By sharing the link or embedding your video online, you're increasing the chance of getting views and making more money.


How often will I get paid?

Before you can start paying, you'll need to reach the payment threshold.

This varies depending on your currency. In the United States, your payment threshold is $ 100.

This means you'll need to earn $ 100 before you can start raising any money.

If you reach your payment threshold, you'll be paid out within the 21st of each month.

If you don't meet the threshold, this money will be transferred to the amount next month.

Do I need an AdSense account to earn money on YouTube?

Yes, AdSense is the company that provides the ads that earn you money on YouTube.
Without AdSense, you cannot insert and track ads on your videos.

How can I increase my audience and subscribers?

YouTube is all about static content. You'll need to focus on creating videos that serve your audience's needs, as well as creating content at a regular pace to bring them back. As long as you upload regularly, you'll see your numbers increase.

Some important tips

Share your video on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Create videos based on what's popular online.

Games and comics are the most popular genres.

Be sure to add tags when uploading videos.

Upload content regularly.

Get a unique melody play at the beginning of all your videos.

Try uploading high-quality videos.

Be consistent in your channel and try to avoid toxic words and respect your family on YouTube.

Always check if the content you upload is copyrighted before posting a video.

Use keywords so people see your video.

Copyrighted content can cut your videos, and may even block them. This includes photos, videos, movie clips, etc. If you find that you are reusing copyrighted content without the owner's permission, your account will be personalized. Be sure to consider what is fair use and what is not.

The average cost per thousand times ranges from US $ 0.25-4.00.

YouTube partnerships for most people don't earn much. Unless you have great success, do not plan a life free from work.

Earning money depends on many factors, including your target audience, channel type, audience engagement, and perspectives.

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