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AI Affiliate Bots Review

Welcome to Review AI Affiliate Bots!

Today I am very excited to offer you the most important deals today.

Working as a affiliate is the easiest way to make money online.

But that does not mean that everyone can succeed in this ideal job at home.

It may seem simple and comfortable at first. You do not need to produce anything or provide a service.

AI Affiliate Bots is developed to combine all amazing features of Youtube and Amazon to expand the commission for affiliate marketers.

AI Affiliate Bots helps you work smarter, get faster results and earn better income.

Let’s move on to discover what’s inside it.

AI Affiliate Bots Review


AI Affiliate Bots is a package of 6-in-1 Software Cloud-based & Done For You Make money with YouTube & Amazon - with NEW "AI".
Promote 100 Niches & 256 million Amazon products
Create REAL human voices + videos with "Google AI"
Create unlimited UNIQUE articles with "AI Spinner"
Build eCommerce websites in seconds with WordPress
Get FREE Google & YouTube Traffic - "AI" keywords
Get unlimited buyer traffic, leads, sales & commissions.

A.I. Affiliate Bot Creates UNLIMITED FREE Traffic & FAST Affiliate Commissions...Using
ALL These NEW A.I. Technologies:

  • Google A.L. Voice
  • A.L. Content Spinner
  • D4U. Content
  • D4U. YouTube Niches
  • 1 Click WP Affiliate
  • Auto Video Creator
All A.I. BOTS are Cloud-Based, with NOTHING To Download or Install

A.I. Affiliate Bot


AI Affiliate Bots is for every one because it guides you from very first step to the target of earning thousands of dollars per month.

It gives you the right approach that you will never be distracted by other confusing tool as well as burning your whole fortune.

The AI Bot Software Suite Lets ANYONE Turn FREE Youtube Traffic Into Amazon Affiliate Commissions

In short, the product is a MUST-HAVE asset for:

    +    Beginners

    +    Marketers

    +    Video Marketers

    +    Website Owners

    +    Digital Product

    +    Freelancers

    +    Social Media Marketers

How Does A.I. Affiliate Bots work?


First, I choose from 100 Done For You Amazon niches...
All of these niches have millions of searches, and huge affiliate commissions.
And they're all pre-loaded into my AI Niches software!
So simply choose your niche and move onto the next step...


Now, we need to choose some affiliate programs to promote.
And we do this automatically with my AI Affiliate tool..
Simply load the software... drag-and-drop a few products into the builder...
And the software spins this into a complete "product review" article!
With unique text and images - all 100% done-for-you!
Think that's impressive? Get this...


It's Time To Create Your Voiceover - With Google AI!
AI Affiliate ALSO turns your script into a REAL human voiceover!
How? With Google's NEW Wavenet Text-to-voice technology!
This AI-powered tech lets you turn any script into a real-life voiceover...
So choose from 5 voices - male, female... American, UK, Australian...
And your voiceover, images and article... are instantly 100% done for you!
So, click export to create your "AI-created" campaign file...
And then move onto the next step...


Now Our Images, Script & Voiceover are All Done...
So it's time to create our video!
And we do this with Zen Video App..
This is THE fastest way to make Amazon product review videos...
Simply import the "AI" campaign file we made, tweak it - hit go...
And download your video!
And that's all there is to it!
Go from Amazon niche, to professional YouTube video, in under a minute...AI changes everything in 2019!


Finally, it's Time To Get Traffic & Make Money.
And that means we need a website...
To turn the traffic our YouTube videos get... into Amazon affiliate commissions. That's why I'll give you my custom WordPress theme - the Zen eCommerce Store theme.
Of-course, the theme gives you your own professional eCommerce Store...

But, more importantly, it allows us to add our Amazon reviews in just seconds!
All we need to do is import the AI campaign file we created earlier with my AI Affiliate tool, then click go. Instantly, your ecommerce store is pre-populated with your Amazon affiliate reviews...

And the great news is, because of our in-built spinner tool, you don't need to write a thing!
So, the end result is you get an instant webpage, reviewing the top Amazon affiliate offers for your niche...100% done for you in seconds!

Finally, we just embed the video review we created earlier - and our website is complete!
It looks like it took weeks to put this together.. but with AI, it only took us a few minutes!
That's what happens when you combine "AI" with our Done For You technology!


Finally, Target The Best Free Traffic Keywords On Google & YouTube...
With the "eCom Keywords" APP!
eCom Keywords is preloaded with thousands of of profitable keywords, for 100+ of the best Amazon and ecommerce niches.

Simply choose your niche, download the list of top keywords...
Then rank your AI videos and websites on Google & YouTube, for those exact ultra-targeted BUYER keywords!


  • Huge Amount of Resources;
  • 4 Unique & Powerful Software Tools;
  • 100% Cloud-Based;
  • Dozens of Capabilities;
  • Easy-to-Use & User-Friendly;
  • Constant Support & Upgrades;
  • Fast-Track Affiliate Establishment;
  • Free YouTube Traffic Generation;
  • Additional Training;
  • 100% DFY Materials;
  • High-Quality Bonuses;
  • Low Price;
  • Available Discounts;
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

I have not found out any cons related effectiveness of this product yet.
You have to make sure the INTERNET connection is good enough to access it.

Affiliate A.I. BOT Price

Choose From These Two Profitable Software Versions

Affiliate A.I. BOT  Lite VERSION it contains

  • 6x NEW Softwares Apps
  • Get Free Traffic... Fast
  • Become A Super Affiliate
  • Become an Amazon "AI" Affiliate
  • Create Content with AI Spinner
  • Get FREE YouTube & Google Traffic
  • 24/7! - NEW Affiliate Programs
  • 100x DoneForYou YouTube Niches
  • Create Voice Overs with Google AI
  • Completely DoneForYou Suite
  • Training Videos  
  • Quick Start Guide       

Today's Special Price $26 PRICE WILL RISE SOON

Affiliate A.I. BOT 90% PREFER THE PRO VERSION it contains

  • 6x NEW Softwares Apps
  • Get Free Traffic... Fast
  • Become A Super Affiliate
  • Become an Amazon "AI" Affiliate
  • Create Content with AI Spinner
  • Get FREE YouTube & Google Traffic
  • 24/7! - NEW Affiliate Programs
  • 100x DoneForYou YouTube Niches
  • Create Voice Overs with Google AI
  • Completely DoneForYou Suite
  • Training Videos  
  • Quick Start Guide    

For PRO Members Only

  • Create UNLIMITED Videos
  • Sell UNLIMITED Offers
  • Promote UNLIMITED Websites
  • Royalty-free + agency rights
  • 100x Your Earnings Potential 

Today's Special Price $21 PRICE WILL RISE SOON


Remember once getting AI Affiliate Bots, you will receive massive bonuses from the creators:

Bonus 1 Video Training       

Watch over my shoulder as I show you how to deploy the DoneForYou videos in a matter of seconds. I'll  show you PRECISELY how to launch your first Affiliate A.I. Bots and get free traffic. And remember... you can create videos for affiliate reviews, YouTube trailers, Facebook ads, sales videos.. all from this 4-in-1 software suite! In this training, I'll show you how!

Bonus 2 Quick Start PDF 
I KNOW you want to launch your first video in a matter of SECONDS. And  that's  why I created this short, to the point PDF which shows you precisely  how to do it!

Bonus 3 Affiliate A.I. Bots..

For All of 2019!  
This is INSANE! We've had over 90,000 customers and one reason is, we support our products for months after release. That's why you can be confident we will support Affiliate A.I. Bots and update all the softwares. Imagine getting a stream of hundreds of the top affiliate programs EVERY DAY of 2019! Now that's value!

Bonus 4 4x Done For You Components  

OK, we know you want the power and flexibility that comes with letting you create videos for ANY website, affiliate program or product... BUT we also know you want to get started right away. 

That's why we are going everything for you!First, we hand-pick the top 20 affiliate programs everyday (or click once to expand to over 100+). Second, we give you content/slides for 100 affiliate programs across CB, Warrior & JVZoo. 

Thirdly, we give you 100 YouTube niches - just click once for a 1000x metric breakdown with the 50 top videos. Finally, we include over 500x DoneForYou scripts AND voiceovers inside the video creator.So, either do it yourself (for any offer)... or let us do it for you!

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ) 

​Does Ai Bots work on PC & Mac

Yes! The software is cloud-based, so you can login right from your browser - on PCs & Apple Macs, even Mobile Phones& Tablets

​Whats support like?

80,000 customers! I'm hands-on to answer any questions you have, about the easy-to-use software, or my complete training! 
Whats included in Ai Bots

You'll get access to the 4-in-1 software app, video training & guides - plus MUCH more!
What about agency rights?

YES! Create unlimited videos, with 100% Royalty-free voices/scripts/images! With FULL agency + rights! 

How does your money back guarantee work?

It's simple.If you don't like the product, just contact us for an unconditional risk-free 60-day refund, for any reason whatsoever.  

How do I get started right now?

Click The Button Below Now

For Instant Access To The Affiliate Ai Bots...

Thanks for patiently reading my whole article. 

To sum up all the information about AI Affiliate Bots, I want to give this tool a score of 9/10. 

This all-five-software-in-one product costs you less than $30, what are you still waiting for? Take action soon to bring this tool home. 

Do hope my article helps you make up your mind on purchasing AI Affiliate Bots. You know, no profits come without any investment. 

Don’t forget you still have a right to 60 Day money back policy without questions asked. Nothing to hesitate, just purchase! 
Domain names for just 88 cents!