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10 Top Legitimate Micro Job Websites For Making Money from Home

Are you looking for legitimate ways to make money from home online here I have ten sites or apps you can start today to Make a little extra cash to complete the small tasks.

There are so many websites where you can get paid to do short tasks.

Most of these websites offer different types of small and easy micro tasks for users to work and earn money.

You can do some simple tasks That other people do not want to finish such an article If you need some extra cash in your life, this article is perfect for you.

If you may or may not already have a major job but you have some spare time to complete some Small tasks.

If you are looking for a more full-time income full-time job, you should read this article to learn more.

The site that I am going to list here are legitimate, and you can make real money by doing micro-jobs on that.

All they need is signing up, and it takes minutes. Even they all add tasks that don’t need specialized skills or training.

10 Top Legitimate Micro Job Websites For Making Money from Home

What are Micro Jobs?

A micro job is a temporary, task-type job of all types, often booked through the Internet.

Work may included online or in-person jobs, such as writing blogs, virtual assistant, handyman, nanny, website design, dog boarding or errands, etc. Wikipedia

How Do Micro Jobs Pay?

Typically, these tasks pay the very small amount, but they should need very little time.

Tasks may pay you anywhere from 1 cent to $50, and the strategy is that the worker need should be in proportion with offered fee.

That said, to earn money you need to work fast and take on as many as tasks as you can.

Below is the list of micro job sites. These are small micro-tasks or gigs that pay equally small amounts.

1. TaskRabbit

Making Money from Home taskrabbit

TaskRabbit is an online and mobile marketplace that matches freelance labor with local demand, allowing consumers to find immediate help with everyday tasks, including cleaning, moving, delivery and handyman work. Wikipedia

TaskRabbit is amazing I love TaskRabbit it's a pretty popular app but if you don't know what it is pretty much TaskRabbit is a platform

where you can post different things different projects or job that you don't

have enough time to get done or lazy and you can post these projects for people

who do have enough time or are not lazy and they can finish the tasks I remember

when I was like 17 or 18 years old I decided to redo my entire room all on my

own and I lasted about all of 40 seconds I jumped on TaskRabbit

and I actually contracted two friends two guy friends to redo my room and it

was great it's a win-win situation I got my room done they got some coins and we

go on our way the reasons I love TaskRabbit it's because you get paid in

cash on the spot you can negotiate the price and also you can do whatever you

want like, you can paint a house if you know if you see something you like you

can talk to the person and try to do that a little job.

How It Works

Describe Your Task

Tell us what you need done, when and where it works for you.

Choose Your Tasker

Browse trusted Taskers by skills, reviews, and price. Select the right person for the job and chat to confirm details.

Get It Done

Your Tasker arrives and gets the job done. Pay securely and leave a review, all through TaskRabbit.

2. easy Swift App

micro tasks site

the easiest web app is an interesting take on micro tasks pane it's similar it's like micro tasks key in your local area.

so easy Swift includes things like taking pictures of products checking up stores promotion checking general prices at various different places and that this is throughout the United States once you complete the task you'll be paid within two business days.

3. field agent 

it gig walk is it's pretty much doing a little micro tasks in your

area that essentially you can do walk this is only gonna be useful if you live

in a big city you can be taking pictures of product you can be it comparing

prices each task is usually about three to twelve dollars which is paid through

PayPal unfortunately they do not have this app on Android yet.

How To Start Work?

Start Making Money. Download the Field Agent App Today.

1. Download the Field Agent App

Visit the iTunes App store or the Google Play store.

Field Agent is currently available on iOS and Android devices.

Download the Field Agent App from the App Store

Download the Field Agent App from Google Play

2. Complete Your Agent Profile

Now complete the sign up process. When you access the app the first time, you'll be asked to fill out a few profile questions.

Please answer these questions accurately, as they're critical to your overall Field Agent experience.

 Find Jobs Near You via the map view or the job list view

3. Find Jobs Near You

You're almost ready for your first agent mission! Select "Find Jobs" from the main navigation window.

Locate available jobs on the "jobs list," or select "map view" to quickly see job locations.

Click jobs for additional details and/or to accept a job. Once selected, you'll have less than 2 hours to complete the job, so be sure you're in close proximity.

4. Gigwalk


Gigwalk is another app similar to Field Agent and Easy Shift.

However, this one has the most potential to give you the highest earnings, depending on the task.

Most range between $3 and $50. Some will give you $100 or more!

And, you’ll get your money via PayPal within 5 days after your task has been approved.

You can accept one gig at a time using this app, but you’ll get up to 8 hours to complete it.

Most tasks involve visiting local businesses and verifying information, such as business hours or an address.

You’ll also have a rating with Gigwalk.

A higher rating, based on your performance in previous “gigs”, will give you access to better-paying jobs on the top tiers.

5. JobBoy 

JobBoy micro job site

JobBoy is one micro job site that’s been gaining a bit more attention lately.

This site focuses mostly on helping the people who post jobs with completing social campaigns by gaining followers or likes, signing up for newsletters, and other quick tasks.

You’ll usually make a few cents per completed task, but they’re super quick things you can do within seconds.

There are some better-paying jobs here that will take more time, too, like writing articles for websites or writing replies on web forums.

You’ll receive a rating after your first four jobs, based off your continuing performance.

You must maintain a success score of at least 25% to continue accepting jobs.

You only need $10 in your account to withdraw via PayPal or Payza.

6. Figure Eight 

Figure Eight

this site is really good for completing just quick fast little tasks.

So you'll be doing anything from moderating content managing social media.

things you can be drawing boxes around pictures to help artificial intelligence

and recognize different objects and all of these different tasks have different

amounts for them but they're things that go really quickly so maybe it only only

pay like 50 cents but you can do it in 20 seconds so you might be getting paid

like $20 an hour if you're sitting there for an hour and just getting test success.

7. ClixSense 


ClixSense is an online community with multiple earning options.
Start earning with paid online surveys, cash offers, & figure eight tasks. Sign up today!

Workers on ClixSense are assigned simple tasks to complete online, along with instructions.
These tasks can include performing Google searches, Taking surveys, Referring others to ClixSense, categorizing images, and more.

8. Needto 


needto is great website it's just like TaskRabbit

where people just need to get things done like, clean their house move their bed set up you can do little things that really don't need much experience.

9. Dolly is a great website where you're gonna be helping people move.

you can sign up and work whenever you want and help people move their stuff so you can get paid up to $30 an hour if you have your own truck or car but if you don't have a car you just use your hands and be able to lift things they'll pay you up to $15.

but you do need to be able to lift over 75 pounds so that might be a thing for you like if you're a strong person you can work for Dolly in your free time and you can also use the sets of free gym membership.

Dolly helpers earn about a thousand dollars a week four thousand dollars a month or helping in their free time and you get paid quickly you get paid every single week the week after that you work.

another great thing about Dolly is before you go to take on a move you know exactly how much you're gonna get paid so you can agree or you can reject their offer.

another great thing is you can work as little or as much as you want so if you literally only want to do this one day a week or one time a month or five days a week you have that flexibility and of course Dolly is a great way to help the community

you're gonna be helping people move into their new homes or move out of their old homes.

10. shift Gig 

shift Gig is a app where you can pick up different gigs in your free time.

so for example if there's a banquet and they need servers just quickly like that

they will post on shift gig and you can see what type of jobs they have for that day you just in two hours if it's like five hours and they pay $10 an hour then you know you get $50 and you can just kind of pick up little jobs like that.

and the great thing is they have a lot of huge companies that work with them and it's all on your iPhone you can just open your iPhone and get a job on the weekend it's just so great just great so shift gig is not everywhere it's in the United States but it's only in 13 cities so they're currently located in New York.


A final word about short task website it will not make you wealthy, but it's an easy way to earn some extra money without having to get a job.

After all, you're probably online, so instead of scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, use your time to earn some extra money.

okay it takes me a long time to go through all of these websites and read all of the information to make sure it's a legitimate website which I do because I love you guys and I really do want to give you the best legitimate websites out there so if you appreciate that share this article.

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