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Get Traffic from Yahoo Answers Without Paying Anything

Get Traffic from Yahoo Answers

Yahoo! Answers is an excellent tool for the person or company that wish to use online resources to benefit their business and enhance their website or directing traffic to the site.

Yahoo! Answers is very useful when you are in the hands of a person or a group that knows how to use them to full advantage.

The success of as blog or website depends on the traffic it gets.
If you have a good blog with quality content, great design and some other basic things then you are good to go.

Good traffic is essential is necessary to make some decent income.

In this way I will discuss how to get traffic to your blog Or website from Yahoo! Answers.

Table of Contents

What is Yahoo Answers

How to Answer a Question on Yahoo Answers.

How to Leave a Link to Your Website in Yahoo Answers

Tips to Become a Level in Yahoo Answers

Article Summary

What is Yahoo Answers?

What is Yahoo Answers

For those of you who don’t know about Yahoo! Answers, Yahoo! Answers (formerly known as Yahoo! Q & A) is a community- driven question-and-answer (Q&A) site or a knowledge market launched by Yahoo!

On June 28, 2005, that allows users to both submit questions to be answered and answer questions asked by other users. [Source: Wikipedia]

How to Answer a Question on Yahoo Answers?

first thing to do is to come here to and if you haven't already got a yahoo account you'll need to register so just click here on the register link and then, you'll need to fill out all this information here you'll need to get a yahoo ID and a yahoo email address and you'll enter.
Yahoo register
yahoo - fill out all this information

now, you can start answering some questions so all you need to do is search for some questions.
That you can answer and you can do that in several ways.

You can either browse through the categories or you can browse the open questions that are ready there and you can see you can go through all the categories or you can simply go through some questions that are opened already like some of the newest questions and some of the most popular questions they are all listed.

yahoo answers - start answering some questions

Search for a question that you can answer and where it says answer question and it takes you to this page and if you scroll down a bit you can see the place that you can put your answer now you are ready written the answer out in your word Processor to get it all needs and correctly spelling  and then, you can paste it in there now at the bottom.

How to Leave a Link to Your Website on Yahoo Answers?

here you'll see it says what's your source and this is where you can put a link to your website
or to another website if you wish the thing.

How to Leave a Link to Your Website on Yahoo Answers

You must make sure that, the website that you link relevant to the answer that you've provided
So if your website is offering search engine optimization services then, you wouldn't want to
put a link to another topic like fashion, what i mean here if your site is about make money online
you are placing a link related to the make money online.

After you have answered the question, click on Submit and now, you can preview the answer
and you can see here that it's got the source link here that looks okay and you can also share it, throughout yahoo updates and also, you can add it to Facebook and Twitter.

just click on submit and there we go it says thanks for your answer now one thing that you'll notice in the preview the link was clickable, but when it is displayed it's not clickable and that is because this is a new account with yahoo answers you need to be a level two member to make your links are clickable.

How to Become a Level Two on Yahoo Answers?

To become a level two member you have to have 250 points now when you first sign up for yahoo answers.

Level Two on Yahoo Answers

Your given 100 points immediately, and then every time you log in to yahoo answers you get one point.

And every time you answer a question, you get 2 points and if your answer is voted the best then you get ten points so, you do need to put in quite a few answers before  you'll be able to make your links clickable and yahoo have done this as a result of sadly millions of  people use of spam yahoo answers just to get back links.

How to Become a Level Two on Yahoo Answers

And this is another thing links are no follow on yahoo answers  now so, it's not going to help you with search engine optimization.

it's not going to increase your link popularity, but it can help to drive traffic to your website or to your squeeze page.

Once you've become a level two member so, there you go that's how you can answer a question on yahoo answers and leave a link to your website.

Get Traffic From Yahoo Answers Article Summary

1) Yahoo! Answers have a very good pages rank.
when, you give a back link to your blog in the answer it will help you in SEO.

2) Yahoo Answer questions are ranked very well in search engines.
This might help you to get visitors that are coming to your blog for reading genuine articles.

3) Create and Yahoo Account (Or Login if you already have one) and Go to Yahoo Answers Page.

4) Browse Questions which are related to your niche  and answer them.
Write quality answers which will help the questioner to get all the info.

If, possible give a back link to your blog through  the reference link part.

These tips will definitely help you to Get Traffic from Yahoo Answers to your blog or website from.

The idea behind the use of Yahoo Answers as a tool for your marketing strategy on the Internet is to be able to add links in your answers.
These links attract viewers and pay a lot of traffic to your sites.
It is important to do what it takes to get to higher levels.
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